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Transforming obsolete and un-used space into spectacular areas of relaxation and serenity. Amazing Results every time!

“Why did we not think of this before?”

Integrated Design Studio will have you asking this question over and over again: 

Your home is your haven and there is nothing more fulfilling than using all available space to  enhance a comfortable lifestyle.

Integrated Design Studio is a close family-run business with more than 15 years’ experience in the  International Interior Design and Architectural Industry.

Staging beautiful interiors, developing breath-taking landscaped exteriors, and integrating the two, is what we do best.

Integrated Design Studio is passionate about creating seamless transitions between cosy interiors and the great outdoors.

First consultations are all important.  This is when we find out the nitty gritty details of what clients love and the result they are expecting.

Together, we will share ideas and assist with the choice and sourcing of the very best materials for the job at hand.

Usually, a home and garden are recognised as two separate areas and are almost always separated by walls or other types of boundaries.  However, by linking the two areas, even if only a small terrace or tiny garden, will immediately create a feeling of extra interior space.  This is particularly the case when having a garden-facing room, where the eye sees further than just the immediate interior surroundings.

Prepare to spend lots of time relaxing with open doors, glorious sunshine, extra daylight, and enjoying plenty of fresh air!

Without breaking the bank, the joining of areas can be successfully executed by cleverly using decorative choices which blend the indoors with the outdoors.


Glazing can perform wonders and may even entail installing rooflights in an existing space or factored into an extension.

Simple glass beams are a perfect solution when wanting to introduce outdoor to indoor areas, or vice versa.  With just a bit of a boost to the glazed elements at the rear of the house, a perfect fusion is created between garden and sky.

Windows with garden views and glass folding doors are also ideal, and result in beautiful and surprising views of garden features.


The choice of beautiful tiles is endless.  However, an important consideration is to ensure choosing a tile which is suitable for all types of weather.  Frost-proof and extra slip-resistant qualities are a must, to ensure non-slip surfaces in inclement weather.

Attention to detail and good planning is essential when wanting to extend and introduce indoor flooring to outdoor.  It is a pretty smooth process, resulting in a natural and easy transition, and by using grouting of the same colour, for an uninterrupted looking floor.

By recessing base tracks and frames, a flat and flush threshold will avoid the necessity of a step and furniture can simply be placed over the threshold, without disturbing the natural flow.

Creating various zones for various activities is also a popular option.  Each area can have a different look and be used for different activities eg. Barbequing, seating, dining or just relaxing and admiring the best of both worlds.


Not every courtyard needs to be outdoors.  Creating an interior courtyard (atrium), will add a spectacular feature to any home.   A clever layout and strategically planted, even the smallest indoor courtyard will become an all-time favourite and focal point in the home.


A canopy is always a nice addition to an outdoor area.  It is a simple, effective, and attractive way of extending the indoors to the outdoors.

Although the idea of indoor-outdoor living often originates from hotter climates, extending the roof area with a canopy will for the most part, assist in the prevention of interiors from becoming wet, whilst still being able to leave doors open.

Canopies come in various shapes, sizes and colours and offer flexible shelter solutions.  Retractable canopies are great for allowing in the glorious sunshine and when required, for creating a bit of shade.


Walls are easily replaceable with contemporary glazed doors.  The swap will create an amazing amount of extra transparency and light at the same time, will create a seamless indoor-outdoor link.

There are a few options available, depending on the client’s requirements.

  • Bi-fold doors – narrow frames ● many styles ● colours ● and sizes ● are available.
  • Sliding doors – introduce more natural light ● only open halfway (as a good compromise if not wanting the whole area opening up into the garden)
  • French doors – Allow twice as much light as windows ● work well on period-style properties



Well-planned outdoor lighting will continue shining long after sunset.

Take advantage of lighting up paths, bed edges, fences, and trees.

Your lighting ideas don’t even need to be electrical.  Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to power-saving solar lighting and stunning fairy lights.  They come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes.

Outdoor pendant lights can be suspended over a dining table, while exterior table lamps make outdoor seating areas cosy and intimate.

Remember to add one or two rustic outdoor table lamps, which will create a cosy and intimate ambience.

Drape a tree, a pergola or an uninteresting fence.

Ideas are never-ending, so let the imagination run wild and create a magical night garden.


By cleverly introducing little finishes outside that are usually indoor choices, effectively blurs boundaries between outside and in.

Rustic ornaments, outdoor mirrors, wall hangings and wicker rugs are amazing accessories when planning an outdoor area.

A little thing like just painting a garden wall in a colour or colours usually used inside, transforms a boring outdoor wall into a talking point. 


When bringing the outside in, there is no better or more satisfying way than by surrounding yourself by plants.  In fact, its essential to do so.   Greenery with a dash (or a splurge) of colour is the easiest way of merging indoors with outdoors.

Position your plants cleverly, close to windows and doors.  Use as many sizeable plants as possible, bearing in mind their shape and foliage, so as to allow natural light to filter through.  Palms work well in this type of environment.


Just so many ideas!  In fact, too many to mention but ideas certainly will depend on the clients’ personal style and décor preferences.  Talk to us about them!

Creating an indoor-outdoor living area will probably be one of the best, if not the best improvements you will ever make to your home.

Your home will feel bigger and the choice of weather- proof furniture is incredible.

Whether a relaxing corner sofa, or a grouping of comfortable chairs around a coffee table placed on a stunning rug, get ready for a new home and garden experience.

We assure you, you will never be sorry!

One thing for certain, we produce amazing results and can transform un-used space into a special haven!