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What is integrated design?

Whether it’s the living room, the kitchen or perhaps even a seating area which lends itself to being integrated with the outdoors, you will enjoy double the comfort, being able to relax and being surrounded by mother nature.

Integrated Design Studio will help create a harmonious flow, bringing the outdoors in, and at all times taking into consideration the client’s tastes and needs.

There is absolutely no limit when it comes to décor and our dedicated family team will share unique ideas and their experience, whilst endeavouring to create the perfect ambience and ‘easy-on-the eye’ indoor/outdoor integration.

A simple choice of decorative items can create an easy flow and almost blur the boundary between areas.

Remember, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces doesn’t always require a full renovation.  We will do what we do best and assist with the planning and design of your own little indoor/outdoor haven!

We love the challenge and look forward to sharing some of our unique thoughts with you.


When wanting to create a sense of flow from indoors to outdoors, a similar design scheme is used in the two adjacent rooms.

A similar style of furniture, rugs, tiles and accessories will allow for a smooth feel and extending the floor will make the area appear larger.

Doors and windows

Fold-back or sliding doors and large windows provide excellent opportunities for blending indoor and outdoor living areas.

A corner window is a perfect addition and will not only become a feature between the areas, but in all probability, will become a favourite spot for just sitting and feeling a part of both.


Clever positioning of outdoor lights can create a feeling of sheer coziness.  There are no limits to highlighting pretty features in the garden.  Lighting along pathways, garden edges, walls, fences, etc., will all help create a stunning ambience both indoors and out.

We love the idea of exterior table lamps and candles too.  Outdoor pendants hung over an outdoor dining table will create a warm, intimate atmosphere when entertaining.


Adding plants where indoor meets outdoor goes without saying.  This is easy to accomplish by positioning indoor plants near a window or doorway, and outdoor plants being placed close to the house.  This will connect the two living spaces with very little effort.  More established plants are ideal but keeping in mind their shape and density of foliage.  

We really don’t want to spoil all the hard work by blocking a perfect view.


Our interior decor services come with much experience in the residential, commercial, and particularly in the retail sector.

Paying great attention to detail, we carefully consider specific client requirements, themes, likes, dislikes, and personal preferences.

Whether an elegant or modern home makeover, streamlined office space, a sophisticated  jewellery store, or restaurant, our goal is based on perfection and creating beautiful spaces.