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We’ve got green fingers!

With years of Horticultural training and experience, we will create your perfect outdoor space.

Landscaping is many things.  It is not only about a manicured lawns or pretty country gardens.  It is about exploring possibilities and researching.  It is about creativity and using open spaces wisely.  It is about knowing the type of garden you desire and whether the soil and weather conditions are conducive. It is about new plant beds, colour, building walls and patios, lighting, materials, finishes and perhaps a pergola or pond. 

In fact, landscaping with Integrated Design Studio, is just about anything you want it to be, and we will go all out to ensure a superb result.

Together with selected partners, Integrated Design Studio will construct, and project manage almost any outdoor project with absolute precision, and attention to every detail.


A well installed irrigation system will not only ensure the best garden in town, but will save considerable money, time, and energy.

Our irrigation systems are well-designed to ensure the protection of plants, trees, and lawns, all of which are often affected by in-efficient manual watering, drought conditions and bad drainage.

Bearing in mind that too much water can also be harmful to the soil, much planning and careful consideration is needed, before installing the perfect system for your garden.