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Meet the Ulyate Family - Charmaine, Hilton and Simone are pleased to introduce themselves!

These are the three dedicated family members who have worked tirelessly for more than 15 years in the International Interior Design and Architectural Industry, successfully establishing their Integrated Design Studio.

They are a close family unit, each of them being uniquely talented and respectively enjoying various and different interests and hobbies.

A Tried and Tested Family Favourite

The family has an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful interior and integrated exterior spaces.  These are the main ingredients of this flop proof family recipe


An avid animal lover and a great love for the outdoors, Charmaine enjoys long walks exploring the Dorset coastline with their gorgeous blue-eyed border collie.

Charmaine loves reading, her favourite works being detective and thriller stories.  Trying to solve cases reflects in her work, with her incredible flare for problem solving and coming up with the best solutions for her clients.

Charmaine aspires to beautiful Italian architecture and is her dream to one day visit the country and explore its magnificent countryside.


If it’s in the outdoors, that’s probably where you should look for Simone. 

Sunshine, paddle-boarding with her very loved fox red lab, or participating in team sports, she loves being active and taking full advantage of what nature has to offer!

Simone enjoys interacting with people and her interest in learning about different countries, cultures and traditional cuisine (a self-confessed foodie), inspires her love for travel. 


A Horticulturist by profession, Hilton thrives on designing and facilitating integrated and all-weather outdoor areas.   He loves transforming ‘dead’ space into beautiful outdoor hospitality space, where people can enjoy entertaining in the outdoors.

Hilton leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to the construction and project management of outdoor projects.  Together with the design team and carefully selected partners, Hilton spearheads all projects from start to finish, producing incredible integrated solutions.

A family man by nature, you will find Hilton spending his free time with family or exploring the scenic Dorset coastline.